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Our Weight loss Coaching Programme... Sign up today!

You've probably heard a lot about our Gym in Monmouth... Fitness Classes, Personal Training and Massage.. but you may not have heard of our weight loss coaching programme? If you've not and you have always wanted to shed some weight you're in the right place so read on... Firstly, it can be daunting signing up to something without knowing if it's something you could sustain so we offer a two week trial at just £35, its not a huge amount of time to lose much weight (the majority still do!) but its more about getting used to what the programme would involve, and gaining an insight into the level of communication and support you would receive (A LOT!) before signing up. - Daily communication: including food and activity analysis with constant feedback and help/adjustments. -Weekly coaching calls: including goal setting, problem solving, routine help, and most importantly inspiration and motivation. -No crash diets, no big cuts, nothing out of your comfort zone... All judgement free We have a lot of happy customers... "Three weeks in and down 9 lbs already!!" "So far I've lost 10lb, which is amazing, but more importantly I’ve developed some healthy daily habits and feel good about myself." Lots of weight lost and lots of new habits formed... No more crash dieting!! You can choose how long you are on it so its completely under your control. After the 2 week trial it is £100 p/m no long contracts... and if you are local we offer an add on of our 24/7 gym AND UNLIMITED CLASSES for £150 p/m. If you break it down and think 1 x Personal Training session is £40 an hour and only 1 hour per week... £160 a month... PT isn't always the answer if it's weight loss you're after... but this programme definitely is. Send us a message today to get started. Primal x

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