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Saving the planet one gym membership at a time...

In 2019 we started planting trees with a company called One Tree Planted. You can choose where in the world you'd like to plant them and how many you'd like to buy/plant. They give you lists of all the countries that need it the most. They are on a mission of 'global reforestation' and you can help or if you already are a member you do help contribute to this. Since 2019 Primal Fitness Hub have planted a tree every single month your gym membership gets renewed. For either the fitness classes for adults and kids or 24/7 open gym your membership with us is helping to save the planet. We told you our gym was worth checking out! We aren't just any old gym. Living in Monmouth or Ross on Wye... we are bang in the middle based in Whitchurch just an 8 min drive from Monmouth high street. Want to know where your trees are? California (after the forest fires), Amazon Rainforest, British Columbia, Ghana, and Ethiopia.

Get in touch if you have any other ideas on how our gym community can do more for this planet. Contact to try out a free class or book yourself an induction at Primal Fitness Hub- 24/7 Gym Monmouth. Primal x

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