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We've created some gym memberships to help you save some money...

We're all desperately trying to find ways to cut costs am I right? Avoiding putting the heating on, trying to cut back on those costa coffee trips, but the gym is a necessity, it's keeping you SANE, its balancing your weight, its helping your health and fitness and giving you that GOOD mood you're addicted to. So it's not something you can cut out, but what you can do is save money by committing to your membership. 24/7 gym membership savings: 3 month commitment or 6 month commitment, it's just a question of how much money you want to save!

Commitment packages:

We've come up with 2 packages to help you save money.

Our 3 month 24/7 gym:

Pay 3 months up front and save £11.40... every 3 months!

It gets better we promise...

Our 6 month 24/7 gym:

Pay 6 months up front and get over a months membership FREE... by saving a whopping £74.40 every 6 months!

If you're trying to find ways to cut costs but you're not ready to give up your healthy lifestyle it's time to commit!! You were committed anyway right? So it's a no brainer.

What happens next?

Contact the team as soon as possible to get yourself set up and to get saving those pennies. Every little helps. Email or contact us via socials.

Primal x

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