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Weight loss Coaching 2 week TASTER

I (Emma) now have availability for 2 more weight loss coaching clients! It's time you got in touch to see what this is all about. We have the perfect package for you to try before you get hooked and fully commit. The 2 week taster is all about awareness. Awareness of how much you are moving, how much you are eating, what you are eating, when you are eating it and why you could do X, Y, and Z instead to feel more fulfilled and achieve your goals. Awareness is the most important tool to it all. Stop sleep walking it's time to understand what is going into your body and also why you are reaching for certain foods at certain times of the day. Once you can understand the above you tap into LONG TERM weight loss and weight maintenance. Added bonus: our weight loss coaching includes full access to our fitness classes and 24/7 gym woop woop! Want to start something along these lines but not ready to sign up to the taster? Start by trying to achieve more steps throughout the day and start to look at the calories in your food before eating them. Awareness! Want to start heading in the right direction and finally losing that lock down weight??? Contact me now, only 2 spots. 2 week trial £35 choose start date Emma x

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