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Christmas Diet Survival Guide

For some reason (ANY EXCUSE) we let things go a little (A LOT) during Christmas. I personally think it might be due to all of the stress from travelling, preparing, spending, budgeting and having to see people you've managed to avoid all year. So we self medicate with filling ourselves with sh*t to temporarily feel better.

We let the advertisements and the weak willed people around us convince us it's OK for our eating habits to slip. But is it? There's nothing wrong with treating yourself a little, but at Christmas we really push the boat out.

So here are my tips for eating during the Christmas period.

-Stick to your normal meals. On the build up to Christmas things get hectic, we visit loads of different people and meal times go out the window. This means you eat their biscuits, cake and chocolate. Get your normal high quality meals in before going, then you will have more willpower to say NO when the “QUALITY” streets come round.

-Be mindful. Everything you stick in your mouth changes the chemical balance of your body. If its got a wrapper and a long list of ingredients, it's not good for you. I get it, sitting around in a stuffy living room and breathing in farts does turn you pretty crazy, but there's no need to reach for those sugary highs. Just practise saying no and day dream about being back in one of our classes.

-GO BIG but only on the big day. The trick to doing Christmas well is to control yourself. Don't go stuffing your face in the build up, instead be a monk until the big day and then smash it. Give yourself 1 day instead of the 12 day build up plus STOP during that weird time between Christmas and new years where your like “well i might as well keep going now”. This way you appreciate that one day even more!!

-LASTLY just because someone gave it to you, doesn't mean you need to keep it/eat it. If its bad for you or you don't want it just chuck it away or donate.

Yay Christmas

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